It's All in the Lips

Matte or Gloss?


Let me start by addressing my unintentional ability to incorporate movie quotes into the titles of these posts. I’ll try to keep this trend going in the case Hollywood doesn’t call and complain. To whoever guesses the movie first, I’ll send you a lippie of your choice! Not kidding.

When choosing between a matte or gloss lip, it’s a constant mental debate with no real winner. From the age of 14, I was the girl who had 27 lip gloss tubes in her purse at all times and not much has changed. It’s only gotten worse; Therefore, a pretty gloss as always been my go-to and what I naturally lean towards more often than not. However, a few years back, a girlfriend of mine shared the Heavenly power of liquid matte lips, and my life was forever altered. In our pageant group text, she told us about the wonder that is @JeffreeStarCosmetics. Of course I ordered one of his Velour Liquid Lipsticks two seconds after receiving her memo, and I’ve been filling his piggy bank ever since. Thank you, Jeffree. And, you’re welcome. #teamwork

Jeffree’s liquid lipsticks start at $18/pop. I know, I know. It’s certainly not the most economical option, but I kid you not when I tell you they last FOREVER. I still have the very first tube I bought three years ago, and it could probably last me another three. Although, I probably shouldn’t be putting that anywhere near my lips at this point as per FDA guidelines. Oops.

Here’s a pic of Jeffree’s star of a lipstick (the OG) that legitimately looks good on every skin tone that walks this planet. All hail “Androgyny.”


Maybe you’re thinking “Oh God, no, Cat. That’s way too dramatic for me.” And, I get it. But, when I first put this lip on, I felt like a queen. We all deserve that. Of course, Jeffree offers a PLETHORA of shades that all look so beautiful on the lips and last ALL. DAY. LONG. No exaggeration. One of my go-to neutral shades is “Celebrity Skin,” another one of those looks-perfect-on-everyone shades.


As per all matte lip options in the market, I could go on for days about my favs! So, here are a few options that I love equally as much:

1. Colourpop Satin Liquid Lipstick

2. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

3. Makeup Forever Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick

On the other hand, when I want to feel like an ethereal fairy, I grab one of my 45 lip glosses. The obsession has only gotten worse since my middle school, gloss-dealer days. Gloss adds that pretty pop of plump, and it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a matte foundation, or an absurd amount of highlighter. I’m always armed. Definitely not an option if I’m cruising down Broadway, windows down and hair flowing free. Who am I kidding? The only place I cruise is to the local coffee shop in my Hyundai Santa Fe (which I’m in love with). But, still. I cannot express in words the frustration of windblown hair attacks. Be safe, people. Wear hair ties. You never know when you’ll be the next victim of Mother Nature’s cruelty.

Regardless of all that, lip gloss is particularly radiant during those Summer months, when hydration is restored in the skin, and we have even more of a reason to add some extra glow to our already dewy routine. I am especially in love with all that Buxom has to offer in the lip gloss arena and have received so many compliments. Their “lip polish” adds a pretty plump to the lips, as they have plumping agents within the formula. And, the number of colors offered is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Additionally, I most recently discovered how wonderful Tarte’s is, and the overall design of the tube is a win, too! Because it’s those little things that tickle me pink. ;-) Here’s a pic of the H20 Gloss in action!


Here are a few more of my absolute favorite glosses:

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

2. Tarte Lip Sculptor Duo

3. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer


“On a bad day, there’s always lipstick.”

-Audrey Hepburn



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