There She Is…

Miss Missouri 2018

Congrats, Katelyn Lewis, Miss Missouri 2018! Always the best moment of the week! We love her!

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As you might already know, the Miss America Scholarship Program has been a huge part of my life for over a decade, both as a contestant and a spectator. Every contestant I’ve come in contact with is not only equipped with external beauty but hearts (and brains) of pure gold. Aside from being a contestant, I’ve also been involved as a principal performer in the Miss Missouri Program since age 14. Allow me to explain…

Every year, Miss Missouri puts on a full-blown, impressive production for the state competition. This isn’t the case in all states. Often, contestants learn a basic opening number dance and a closing production routine, which usually involves an absurd amount of jazz squares and grapevines. However, the crew at Miss Missouri always takes things up several notches, to an entirely new level. And, I love it!

While competing in the Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen Program, I knew absolutely nothing about pageants and the Miss America requirements. For the talent portion, each contestant must prepare a 90-second performance for the judges. As a vocalist, I only had access to so many resources for “pageant tracks” that were powerful enough to impress a group of six people in such a short amount of time. Fortunately, the pageant world is a small one, and I was connected with the Miss Missouri musical producer (Bill Wolfe) who also happens to create 90-second instrumental tracks specifically for pageant contestants; a true relief and blessing, as Bill is the reason for my involvement in the Miss Missouri program!

Over the last 13 years, the folks at Miss MO have become family, and I still beam with joy over having the opportunity to visit my home away from home once again! On top of that, the glitz and glam always makes me feel like I’m tapping into some kind of beauty alter ego, so what better place to share the experience than here on the blog?! Our sweet friend, Miss Missouri 2017, even got engaged on stage! Here are some pictures of yet another unforgettable experience in Missouri. There are SO many important, loved, and wonderful people missing from these photos but not from my heart!

Stay tuned for our vocals at Jenn (Miss MO 2017) and Jordan’s wedding! Just kidding… But seriously. So grateful to have been a small part of this moment!


The incredible Miss MO 2018 cast!

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Laura Lee Lewis (dear friend and Miss Mississippi 2016!) and Kyle Sherman (new friend and future Broadway star!)

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Love me some Jenn Davis, Miss Missouri 2017!

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Could never survive pageant week without the following ladies (the dorm moms who take care of us and the contestants all week long!), Liz, Jackie, and Pat. Love these gals!!!

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For those who follow the Miss America Organization (or have heard about it in the news most recently), you’re probably aware of the swimsuit portion of competition being removed. What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”