Our Story

Catsy Lu Beauty is inspired by the importance of mental health with a mission to simplify the art of makeup and skincare through basic education. So many of us wonder, “Where do I even start?” with the overwhelming number of cosmetic and skincare products today. Our goal is to teach the raw fundamentals of beauty with gorgeous products that make you feel your most gorgeous self. At Catsy Lu Beauty, everybody feels like a somebody, and we like it that way.


Where Did “Catsy Lu” Come From?

The name “Catsy Lu”  comes from CLB’s founder, Cat Janisko's, grandmothers, Catherine and Lucille, who she is named after. 

Catherine, known by everyone as "Catsy," was a strong-willed, quick-witted, gold-wearing matriarch, who loved her family; especially her grandchildren. Through her life, Catsy loved the glamorous side of beauty and never failed to get compliments on her stunning faux fur coats and gold jewelry. She's best remembered through the Italian feasts she cooked every Sunday, where not a single soul went hungry, and leftovers were inevitable! In her later years, Catsy met her battle with lung cancer, eventually losing the fight at age 67. Catsy's strength, humor, and classic beauty live on today through her daughters, cousins, granddaughters, and, now, through Catsy Lu Beauty.

Lucille, known by those close to her as "Lu," is a 91-year-old, sweet as pie spitfire with a deep love for family and faith. Lu came from humble beginnings as a foster child. Her talents range from church singing to cooking up the most delicious Haluski (a popular Polish dish) you'll ever eat. Lu loves anything pink, and a little rouge and lipstick are no exception when it comes to a special occasion! Otherwise, Lu's sporting a beautiful canvas through her timeless skincare routine. 

Though two completely different personalities, Catsy and Lu work well together, and CLB products are a physical representation of that. Each product shares a story about Catsy and Lu with a goal of inspiring other women to live their most authentic lives and do so with confidence.